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Workshop “Choro Music Language” is for all instruments and aims to familiarize students with repertoire, history, development and especially style of playing in this peculiar genre. Aspects such as interpretation, improvisation tools and how to play in a roda de choro are discussed. It is offered to festivals, schools, universities, conservatories and lovers of the genre in general.


Considered Ambassador of Brazil in Germany, by Deutsche Welle Brasil, during the period she lived in Europe, Morgana committed to spreading Choro, launching projects such as Choro Session, a didactic and itinerant Roda de Choro that went through cities like Düsseldorf, Cologne and Rotterdam. She taught at the Choro School, a branch of the reference Escola Portátil de Música do Rio de Janeiro in Rotterdam, and was a guest professor at the CODARTS University of Arts, also in the Netherlands.

Since her first contact with Choro, at the age of 11, Morgana has dedicated herself to specializing in the genre and has engaged in several projects related to this music. She have played with great musicians of the genre, such as Luciana Rabello, Armandinho Macedo, Fernando César, Ronaldo do Bandolim, Pedro Paes, Antônio Rocha, among others, besides having participated in the traditional Bahian Choro group Os Ingênuos.

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