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Virtuosity, connection and high musical interaction are some of the adjectives that flutist Morgana Moreno and guitarist Marcelo Rosário collect by presenting "Nascente", the duo's latest project and which in 2019 went through Brazil and Europe, such as Salvador, Brasilia, Portugal, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Using an intimate lineup - flute and guitar - musicians dialogue through improvisation, freedom and in a more laid-back atmosphere. The duo line up gives more visibility to the essence of their instruments and to the artistic and musical affinity of them. This project revels their Brazilian music influences through its re-readings and own compositions and embraces the most diverse genres such as samba, choro, forró, etc.

Awarded 1st price in the Leopold Bellan International Competition (Paris) and considered ambassadors of Brazilian music by the German press (Deutsche Welle Brasil), young musicians from Bahia bring a wide background through a partnership that dates back over 10 years, passing by important stages from Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands such as Bimhuis, Viva Brasil Amsterdam, Breda Jazz Festival, Choro Festival Rotterdam, Clube do Choro de Brasilia, etc. Passing through Europe, where they both lived for 6 years, they recorded their first album Miscellaneous (2016) with participation of European musicians from the jazz and world music scene and release second album Nascente (2020).

Morgana Moreno & Marcelo Rosário duo
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