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Morgana Moreno, flute

Marcelo Rosário, guitar

Marijn van der Linden, cavaquinho

Udo Demandt, percussion 

Choro is the first genuine musical genre to emerge in Brazil, from the mixture of varied musical styles coming from Europe and Africa. Regarded as father of samba, and Brazilian jazz, choro has striking characteristics like improvisation and virtuosity and, like jazz, there are influences from cultural elements from around the world.

Morgana and Marcelo has a long musical partnership and met Udo and Marijn during the period they lived in Rotterdam, teaching choro at EPM Holanda. The affinity between them quickly appeared and they decided to form the Sarava'n Quartet. The repertoire is focused on Brazilian traditional Choro but the way they approach the music is very free and open to many influences each one of them bring from their musical experiences.

Udo and Marijn are very versatile musicians who fluently perform genres like flamenco, latin, cape verde, Jazz and Brazilian music. Morgana and Marcelo, both schooled in Brazil on its musical tradition, came to Europe to open their horizons on Jazz and Classical Music. This fusion is clear when they come on stage and perform a deep and energetic music, many times created on spot.

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